Picker's Pocket - Fire Chai Tea (Loose Leaf) - 50g Box

Picker's Pocket - Fire Chai Tea (Loose Leaf) - 50g Box

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Ingredients - black tea, chilli, pepper, cinnamon, clove, coriander, fennel & ginger

If you’re looking for a very special savoury brew, you’ve come to the right place.

We call this Fire Chai. Think of a warm fire, not a raging fire... warming, not burning hot.

The Fire Chai story -

'Here at Amba Estate we grow spices alongside our tea. After plucking the tea leaves, we let them wither at room temperature before gently hand-rolling them in small batches against a traditional kithul wood table to create our broken orange pekoe.

We harvest our cinnamon sticks by hand, the way they've always done. Then we strip the bark by hand with a sickle, because we know this produces the richest flavours. Finally we combine the spices with our tea leaves to make this aromatic, spicy chai that I'm very proud to share with you' - Neethanjana, Amba Estate

If you would normally go for a spicy chai, over a sweet chai tea, you’ll love this batch.

Like fine wines our teas vary according to the terrier, cultivation and season.

25 serves.

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