Packaging and Jar Returns

Glass Jars

The war on waste sure is a big one, and it’s no secret that plant mylk packaging is a huge contributing issue. With the majority of plant mylks out there packaged in liquid paperboard packaging which can be extremely hard to recycle, Mylk Made’s point of difference stands clear with our concentrated mylk bases packaged in reusable glass jars. 

Jar Labels

Our jar labels are FSC® Chain of Custody certified, and are made from 30% post consumer waste. They are also Green Seal certified. They’re accepted in curbside recycling so peel them off*, and pop them in your recycling bin! 

*peeling them off is not always easy! Try soaking the empty jar in warm water for 10 minutes, then peel the label off. It should come off a lot easier that way.

Pop Starch (foam chips)

Did you know, the packing surrounding our jars is fully biodegradable? 🌱🌎

Pop starch is made from expanded starch, and is 100% compostable and biodegradable. We have found this option the most environmentally friendly, plus it's such a good option to protect the glass jars when they get shipped!

Put them in your green bin, dissolve them in water, or, why not save them up and see if one of your local shops want them to reuse for their packaging? 

Return system for Glass Jars

We love receiving our glass jars back! Our glass jars can be refilled and reused numerous times, helping to create a waste free, circular system.

We cannot reuse the lids due to food safety, however these can be recycled! Check with your local council to see if they are accepted curbside. If you aren’t sure, we will happily accept the lids back with the jars and recycle them for you.

  • How does it work? 

Purchase your return ticket separately and we will email it to you, so you can print it off OR Purchase this ticket when you purchase product, and we can send you the physical ticket in your order. Find the ticket here. We recommend saving up your jars and sending back a bunch at a time.

  • Do any stockists take back jars? 

Your best bet is to get in touch with the stockist personally and ask if they will accept them back. Some of our refill/wholefood stockists would be more than happy too. They may have their own in store return system, or they may collect and send the jars back to businesses like us. 

To say thanks for going to the effort of returning your jars to us, you will be sent a discount code for your next purchase. It’s a win win!