How do I make the mylk? 

Blend 1Tbsp of base with 350ml of water, on high for 20 seconds. That's it! Simply adjust the base/water ratio if you would like your mylk to be of a thinner or thicker consistency. 

How do I store my jar?

Store your jar (even when open) in the pantry, at room temperature. A cool dark space is best. You can store the base in the fridge, but it's not necessary. 

How long does fresh mylk last in the fridge?

Store your mylk in an airtight container or glass bottle in the fridge, and it will last up to 4 days. Shake before consuming; settling is natural as we do not use any stabilisers or binders.  

Can I heat up the mylk?

You sure can! It also works wonders with a steam wand, ideal with your coffee! 


Are all ingredients in your products certified organic?

The ** noted next to each ingredient on the label indicates it is Certified Organic.

Are the bases sweetened?

Majority of them are unsweetened. If they are sweetened, they will be labelled 'sweetened'; this is with organic coconut sugar. If you prefer your other mylk sweetened, adding some fresh (soaked) dates, coconut nectar or maple syrup when blending, it works a treat!

How are mylk bases different from smooth nut butter? 

Our mylk bases are produced using a stone grinding method. Stone grinding preserves the full nutrition of the nut or seed as the temperature doesn't increase due to the "slow" grinding process. Therefore the ingredients remain raw.  

The Mylk Made process creates a super smooth, creamy, versatile plant base that makes fantastic plant based mylk when blended with water, and it doesn't require straining.