Berry & Superseed Overnight Oats


By Rose Aschebrock

Makes: 2 Servings


1 cup of Cashew and Vanilla Mylk (or your favourite flavour)
½ cup of oats
1 tbsp of chia
1 tbsp of ground linseed
1 tbsp honey
½ cup of your favourite berries (fresh or frozen)
Sprinkle of your favourite superfood toppings (pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, coconut flakes, crushed walnuts etc)



  1. Prepare a cup of your favourite mylk

  2. In a bowl mix your mylk, oats, chia, linseed and honey and allow it to soak for an hour, or ideally overnight

  3. In a jar or tupperware, add a layer of overnight oats, then a layer of berries, another layer of overnight oats and then top with the remaining berries and sprinkle with your favourite superfood toppings

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