Our Story


Mylk Made was born from my travels and passion for wholefoods and sustainable living. During our 11-month stay in Lombok, Indonesia, my partner Max and I fully immersed ourselves in the culture, embracing a slower pace of life and a diet rich in organic, wholefoods. It was during this time that we discovered some delicious, creamy plant mylks made with just cashews, coconut, lemon juice, and water, with no waste.

Inspired by the simplicity and sustainability of these mylks, myself and my mum Corinne created Mylk Made bases, allowing everyone to enjoy the same creamy goodness without the waste. Our plant mylk bases are crafted with only a handful of natural ingredients, carefully ground together to deliver a deliciously healthy and eco friendly drink.

At Mylk Made, we believe that small changes can lead to big impacts. By choosing our mylk bases, you're making a conscious decision to reduce your environmental footprint and support a business that values sustainability.
We are also big believers in keeping things simple and natural. That's why our plant based mylks are made without any additives or unnecessary ingredients. The result? A guilt free and delicious drink that tastes amazing on its own, or as a perfect addition to your favourite recipes.