Mushroom Mylk Latte



Recipe: Serves 1


1 cup of Sweetened Almond Barista Mylk (or your favourite Barista Mylk flavour)
1 shot of espresso (optional)
¼-½ tsp of mushroom powder (Superfeast Masons Mushrooms blend is great, or a Reishi mushroom powder)
¼-½ tsp of coconut sugar
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Hot water




  1. Prepare a cup of your favourite barista Mylk

  2. In a mug add your espresso shot (if you want caffeine), mushroom powder, coconut sugar, cinnamon add hot water. Mix really well.

  3. Froth your Sweetened Almond Barista Mylk and pour in, then enjoy!

*you can also drink this as an iced mushroom latte, just add ice

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