Behind the scenes with Re-Store


By Vita and Tash - Re-Store


1. Why did you start Re-Store?

Re-store is a bulk whole food and household re-fill store in Thames with a focus on sustainability and reducing unnecessary plastic packaging. We are two mums that started Re-store out of a frustration from the weekly shop and the huge amounts of plastic you'd come home with, even when you really tried to be 'eco conscious'. We wanted to create a space where people could slow down, enjoy the experience and re-connect with their food choices and other like minded people in the community...all while shopping without the plastic!

2. What is your top sustainability tip?

Top tip would be to start small. Choose one or two areas of your life where you can make an easy switch to an eco friendly alternative, once this becomes your new normal, add another area in. Making small positive steps helps avoid feeling overwhelmed by a big change.

3. What's been your funniest or most embarrassing moment during your journey of getting Re-Store to where it is today?

Our most embarrassing moments in Re-store is any time we have to pose for a photo! We are much more comfortable behind a counter than in front of a camera!