Behind the scenes with Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe

By Angela


1. Why did you start Get Fixed?

"Both Simon and I came from corporate backgrounds. He was an Engineer for Fuji Xerox and I was a Business Operations Manager for CA ANZ and prior to that, Director of Marketing for the Cityfitness group. Simon had always been in to cycling and motorcycling and had always been able to fix/restore/service anything on 2 wheels. He began fixing bikes for friends and workmates and because he was thorough and meticulous more people started asking him to look at their bikes, so he started a little side-gig from our garage that grew and grew until he was able to do it full time. Bicycles are something he is passionate about so it made sense to follow this path. After a few years we were we offered a pop up business spot on Porirua’s Harbour's Edge.

Between Simon and I we have a blended family of 7 children, and I was tired of being away so much for work as my role was split somewhat between Wellington and Sydney. I decided that we would take the risk and the opportunity to create a family business and so I quit my job and we opened our bicycle café. Simon ran the bicycle servicing/repair side and I ran the café. We started with just one converted shipping container that Simon converted himself – now we have 8. We went from a team of 2 to a team of around 10 (casuals included) with 2 of our daughters working for us so too."


2. What is your top sustainability tip?

"Purchase Mylk Made and then reuse their beautiful jars and don’t ever buy a coffee in a single-use cup ever again."


3. What's been your funniest or most embarrassing moment during your journey of getting Get Fixed to where it is today?


"There have been a few. Not that it's really embarrassing or particularly funny but we have been broken in to a couple of times. The most recent time which was probably a year ago now, the only thing that was taken was a big jar of bliss balls."


Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe - "Electric bicycle conversions, community cafe, ebike & bicycle servicing, hire and tours. Situated on Poriruas' beautiful harbours' edge." - Get Fixed.