Behind the scenes with Be Free Grocer

By Bron

1. Why did you start Be Free Grocer?

"As a family we are great animal lovers. The impact of plastic pollution on wildlife is our personal motivation for doing something to lessen our environmental impact. We realised that our community was also desperate for an alternative to supermarket aisles full of plastic, and hence Be Free was born :)"

2. What is your top sustainability tip?

"Try not to be so overwhelmed by how big the challenge is, that you don’t start at all. For example, if going zero waste seems unrealistic in your life, do the things you can; get started, be aware of your choices and over time you may find you are able to reduce your waste more and more."

3. What's been your funniest or most embarrassing moment during your journey of getting Be Free where it is today?

"Lol we have a lot of fun and whilst I’m chatting to customers and putting their order through, I often find myself using a calculator to do the most simple calculations, just because I'm on autopilot which can be a little embarrassing when I realised I've just used a calculator for something minus 100g for instance!"